In chemists and pharmacies particular and specific attention is required for the aesthetics as well as for the easy and practical day to day functioning of equipment and furnishings which must be very versatile. The display & wall show cabinets must immediately offer a full view of the range of products available, thereby assisting the buyer / public in making their purchases or in deciding which products to buy. The choice of the display cabinets depends entirely on the products for sale that are placed in the showcases.  For example inclined shelving is ideal for products which require specific attention &/or consultation on behalf of the shopkeeper / chemist. These display units might indeed also have opaque / coloured overhead or background lighting which might assist in highlighting product details illustrated on the product packaging which is on display.  In addition to these aspects the individual modules &/or display / showcases can also be used as shop shelf/product dividers within the shop itself. They can of course be modified / altered or fitted into the furnishings In such a way that they are hardly noticeable to the public blending into the shop furnishings perfectly.


The essence of the finishings and colours illustrated here are purely indicative. For a more precise / correct interpretation we would advise you consult the official colour code files.